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    Tinder for par Everyone loves different things. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes. Tried the usual and still junk. Please include your IP address in your email. So, we met with just the one dude. I can smell a refund! When I advanced the screen the code she had just given me did not work. After that, reboot FB log in. This article was originally featured on VICE Canada In a weak moment after a bad breakup, I downloaded Tinder. Finally, in the early afterparty hours of a Sunday, three dudes who had just been at a wedding reception hit us up. I tried remaking an account with a facebook that received the SMS, but this time I used a google voice number and I got the error even when running 2. So, we met with just the one dude. I barely use it anymore. Immediately, people were taking the bait and explaining to me what they thought the feature was for or expressing their own confusion with its purpose: But I had to figure it out for myself. This is us after we waited in a 15-minute line at coat check. After 1 day cant log in, says verified with phone then oops something went wrong. Note: Tinder only supports Android 4. She has to get the gold option to see your like too. He pulled out a half-smoked joint, and we all took hits. But when the new was added, allowing you to match with groups of people if you are also in a group, I was left wondering what it would actually be used for. Please email if you believe this is an error. And YES I have already found and texted with matches. What you see if what you get. What happened to the tinder for par Tinder for par FTR, it happened to me once, and I felt violated. Deciding that it would probably make my life easier if I used Tinder Social with a female friend instead, I convinced another friend to join me in a hell of my own creation. I ping the all the connection of tinder from its server and the people connected are less than half than tinder say should be. Install the APK, log in with Facebook and you should be able to get the SMS verification code. I kept getting sent messages by Tinder to login because I had interested people waiting and Secret Admirers. App is waste of time asKing to be a paid member, while i dont seeba singlr response on multiple swipes.

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