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    Apple vodka drink ideas Thanks for your rating! Manyso check with your local distillers to see what they produce. Many apple schnapps are green, but and a number of other apple liqueurs are brown and bring more of a natural apple flavor into the cocktail. Spoon the pudding mixture into shot glasses, disposable shot cups or 1 or 2 ounce cups with lids. Not too sweet and not too tart, but just right. Consider this the grown-up version of the classic. If you need a bit of inspiration for creating your own, look no further. Shake for thirty seconds See More CA Crisp - oz. Some use calvados, others an apple juice or cider, and many feature apple schnapps. Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, Ciroc has welcomed yet another flavor to its portfolio. Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter. This mixed drink is as easy as any of the other vodka highballs and its popularity has led to a number of new recipes. Create your own drinkable—and giftable—vodka infusion, rich with the deep and spicy flavors of autumn. I love all of the smooth and delicious flavors. Everyone loved it and begged for the recipe. The favorite carnival food turned into an infused vodka - for gift giving, shot taking, or sipping over ice. Some people prefer it sweet and pour more cranberry, while others prefer just a splash for color. Want more from Genius Kitchen? Your friends will be impressed. Also, one of the new would be an excellent match for any Appletini. Apple vodka drink ideas Why You Need to Know These Vodka Cocktails There is no debate that vodka is the most mixable and therefore useful liquor in the bar. What You Need: vodka, coffee liqueur Kahlua is often the coffee liqueur of choice though you do have other options and this is the perfect drink to try those out. Spoon the pudding mixture into shot glasses, disposable shot cups or 1 or 2 ounce cups with lids. Top off with Sprite See More. In this recipe, a citrus vodka and orange liqueur are used to accent a great apple liqueur Berentzen is a favorite here. We told you they were easy to make. They are also the foundation for other recipes, so this list is a great place to begin.

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